Die Hard Akpata Supporter and Fan, B.H.F Williams, Invents a Slang 'Akpatalian' for Akpata's Teaming Young Supporters.

B.H.F (Williams) is an alumni of the Faculty of Law, Lagos State University.

Sequel to his love for Olumide Akpata, he has invented a coinage slogan for lawyers, more suitable for young lawyers for the campaign and promotion of his preferred NBA presidential candidate, Olumide Akpata.

B.H.F (Williams) has urged lawyers particularly young lawyers to adopt the slogan "AKPATALIAN" for the promotion of the course.

Finally, he appeals to all lawyers to support his candidate, as he strongly believes Akpata will secure the interest of all class of lawyers.

We are Akpatalians!

Akpata is the best Man to Champion the affairs of our prestigious Bar.

Akpata we Know!

Akpata we Need!

Akpata we Want!

Good Morning to your All!



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