Legal Ethics Series 3- Lawyers Relationship With Colleagues: Observing the Rule of Fairness.

Lawyer 'A' , and lawyer 'B' are on the adverse side of a matter before the court, coming up at 9 a.m today for adoption of final written addresses.

Lawyer 'A' on his way to court at 8 a.m ran into a hitch, when her vehicle broke down on the 3rd Mainland Bridge. She picked up her phone and called Lawyer 'B' informing him of the situation.

It was not her fault, the court calls the matter and Lawyer 'B' announces his appearance and ignored to inform the court of Lawyer A's predicament as hinted. The court is disappointed in Lawyer 'A'.

Lawyer 'B', passionately asks for the cost of #20, 000 against Lawyer 'A' , and the court granted same, because Lawyer 'A' was not diligent and has wasted the time of Lawyer 'B' and the court.
"A lawyer shall observe good faith and fairness in dealing with another lawyer." - Rule 27, RPC.
Flowing from Rule 27 of the Rules of Professional Conduct, lawyer 'B' has acted unprofessional and could be liable to disciplinary measures by the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee.
Informing the court of the whatabout the predicament a fellow colleague is ethically mandated by the Nigerian Legal Practitioners Code of Conduct.
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