NBA CAC - TASKFORCE - Ease of Doing Business


Dear Colleagues,

You will recall that the Presidential  Taskforce on CAC issued its questionnaire for the survey on Friday 2nd October 2020 and received 1875 responses with over 10,000 recommendations by the deadline of 6th October 2020. 

The Taskforce collated and sent the issues highlighted in the survey to the Registrar General (RG) and set up a meeting with him on Thursday, 8th October 2020. 

The RG attended the meeting with over 30 officials, including all the directors, heads of operations and members of the team for records. The meeting, which lasted for over two hours, was focused on understanding the CAC’s areas of challenges, identifying issues that could be easily resolved and agreeing on quick solutions to those issues.

At the close of the meeting, several issues were resolved. The Taskforce, thereafter, distilled the over 10,000 recommendations received  from the survey on easing the CAC’s operations to 70 and sent to the RG for his consideration.

The Taskforce further sought to have a close-out meeting with the RG to finalise the recommendations and issue a joint communique on the resolution of some of the challenges being faced by the stakeholders of the CAC. This Close-out meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday,  17th November, 2020.

The  information graphics progress report is attached for ease of reference.

Dr. Rapulu Nduka

Publicity Secretary

Nigerian Bar Association

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