By virtue of the Mandatory Use of the National Identification Number Regulations, 2017. The use of the National Identification Number (NIN) is mandatory in several agreements and contracts such as tenancy, deed of transfer, issuance of birth certificate, etc?

Let me further itemise a list of transactions below that require the use of the NIN:

i. change of ownership of aircrafts, ships, boats, motor vehicles and motor cycles ; 

ii. registration and use of aviation services by airline operators and customers ; 

iii. purchase of travel tickets or tokens for air, rail, road and water transportation ; 

iv. boarding of aircrafts, trains, commercial vehicles, ships and boats ; 

v. registration for and purchase of insurance policies ; 

vi. acquisition, sale or transfer or transmission of shares or equities and other financial instruments ; 

vii. recruitments for temporary and permanent employment ;

viii. enrolment or registration for internal and external examinations with educational and examination boards ; 

ix. enrolment into primary, secondary and tertiary schools and continuous professional studies in Nigeria ; 

x. registration and eligibility for bursary and other social benefits ; 

xi. registration and membership of professional bodies ;

xii. issuance of birth certificates ;

xiii. issuance of driver’s license ; 

xiv. registration of voters ; 

xv. tax identification ; 

xvi. operating a bank account ; 

xvii. executing any contract or business agreement ; 

xviii. tenancy agreements ; 

xix. obtaining and processing of probate documents ;

xx. all transactions involving the acquisition, use or transfer of parcel of land or landed properties ; 

xxi. any transaction, contract or agreement for a valuable consideration and for the transfer of any interest, tangible or intangible.


After linking your NIN to your SIM card, you must take note of the fact that your SIM is more valuable to you now than your ATM and BVN, if you abuse or compromise the two, your money may only be affected , but any compromise of your SIM CARD may get you in big trouble that May end you in prison : 

Hence take note the following tips. 

1) it was not advisable to help people register their sim cards. Now that this new system has come, don't help anybody to register their sim.

(2). Be mindful of how you give people your phone to make calls or send texts. It's a mobile phone, let it always be with you.

(3). Don't allow anybody to use your phone to login into an account on social media. Or use your phone to create anything.

(4). Henceforth understand that your “Sim card”, is as important as your, ATM card number, your BVN, or your ATM pin.

This is because, you can be held liable for what a second and or third party does with your sim card, so be conscious.

Olajide Esq. 

Founder, Strictly Legal Precedents(WhatsApp group, Facebook page and group, Instagram etc.)

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