Different Land Titles in Lagos And How To Tell The Difference

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Land documents are vital thing that anyone who wants to invest his/her money in landed property must know and understand very well. It’s a pity that only 4/10 land buyers knows and understands what this land documents really mean and the purpose which they serve.

A lot of people think that the C of O is the only Land Documents they must have or ask for before they buy any land, of which this is very wrong. Apart from the C of O there other vital land documents you must ask for before you buy any land.

For example many people make this mistake when they buy land and won’t ask for a Deed of Assignment forgetting that this land document is one of the important land documents you must have when buying land because without this it means that there was no transaction at all, no prof to show you are now the new owner of the land.

7 Land Documents In Nigeria You Must Know Before Buying Land.

Do not worry follow this article till the very end every day, as same will try to simplify what this land documents mean so you can understand it better.


This is the land document that shows the boundary measurements of a parcel of land to give an accurate measurement and description of that land.

Surveyors are the people who handle survey issues and they are being regulated by the office of the Surveyor General of the state where the land is located.

A Survey Plan is a very important land document you must ask for whenever you are trying to buy a land. In fact it is the most important because it is with this document that you will be able to know everything about the land.

It is with a Survey Plan that you will be able to do a search to know if the land you are planning to buy is free or not, my advice whenever you are negotiating for a land you want to buy first ask for the Survey Plan then take it to your Surveyor to conduct a land search so as to know if the land is free from government acquisition or to know what the zoning restrictions is, i.e. A Survey Plan helps you to know if the land is for Agricultural, Residential, Industrial or a Commercial Purpose.

No matter how enticing or attractive a land may look, once you find out that the Land is a committed land my brother/sister please stay away from that land don’t say because others are buy and nothing has happened yet so nothing will happen after all this is Nigeria.

The following information’s are what makes the Survey Plan Authentic:

•The name of the owner of the land surveyed.

•The Address or description of the land surveyed.

•The size of the land surveyed.

•The drawn out portion of the land survey and mapped out on the survey plan document.

The beacon numbers.

The surveyor who drew up the survey plan and the date it was drawn up.

A stamp showing the land is either free from Government acquisition or not.

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