If you are a lawyer, whether senior or junior, kindly note the following :

• N5000 appearance fee is no longer tenable. 

• It has become obsolete to collect N5000 to write letters for your clients. No one does that. 

• The irreducible minimum chargeable fee to incorporate a limited liability company is N75,000.

• It is unbecoming to charge N10,000 to prepare conveyancing instruments, no matter how little the consideration is. If you can't charge by percentage, charge reasonably.

• Appearance and bail solicitation at police stations and other detention facilities without collecting your fee upfront is an indication of your intellectual bankruptcy and mental imbalance,  and there is therefore the need to check the suitability for the continuity of your practice. 

• Collection of your professional fees in beer parlours and drinking joint must cease forthwith. There's a high tendency of alcohol induced psychosis which may influence your charging peanuts. It's better to inform your clients that you are teetotaller,  otherwise they will end up paying with some bottles. 

• For those who womanize, collect your fees before you discuss romance. 

• For principals running law firms, separate your practice from your remuneration. Put your self on salary and pay your staff before paying yourself. 

• When clients come to seek advice, do not divulge much. Just whet their appetite and insist that they pay your fees. Tell them the NBA will sanction you for professional misconduct.

• Don't tell your clients that the case is a simple one. Paint a rather gloomy prospect and let them know that it has take hard work and sagacity to get them off the hook. 

• If you are in litigation and you have difficult clients,  charge them separately for filing. The filing fees should not be less than N50,000 at any point in time. 

If you diligently adhere to this, you will not be wearing worn out suits and aligned shoes. Your car will be pristine and always mobile. Your home will be cozy and cool. Your children will not be sent out of school. Court bailifs will not frequent your house to evict you and cause you severe embarrassment. 

This is 2021, please be wise!

Thanks for reading.

Proudly brought to you by TFPC & PTC in Court committee NBA IKD BRANCH.


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