The trend of paternity fraud has gone haywire and I think women needs to have a nation wide retreat in groups and segments on how to stop this trend. A reawakening of conscience perhaps! 

Something is wrong in our society! What is the cause of this bad Omen of partenity fraud? Could it be the faults of our husbands or the frustrated expectations of Women?

Women needs to declare a state of an emergency to halt this trend if not some of our children will grow up with these knowledge suicidal, emotionally distraughted leaving the society in chaos.

Our men should also go back to say enough is enough with infidelity! Face your wife and forget another's wife. If we all face our partners, the percentage of this abomination would reduce. Women do not impregnate themselves. 

Do our men have respect for their fellow men when it comes to issue of women?

My opinion is that while I understand that cheating generally is painful to a  spouse, a wife or mother or any woman cheating is more worrisome because women are the receivers and bearers of life. 

*I recommend notwithstanding the above that Nigeria has gotten to a stage with infidelity wherein for every child that is born, before a man signs a birth certificate as a legal father, a pertanity test should be done to verify the belief of fatherhood.*

With the above recommendation being implemented as of course, the fear of being shamed outrightly may reduce the trend. 

MOREso, these issues bothers me and I seek answers:

1. Assuming without conceding that spouses must cheat for any reason, what happens to condoms protection that protects against both pregnancies and most importantly STDs? Must cheats expose their partners to STDs and the risk of children outside the matrimony? 

2. Must a spouse remain in a marriage when they have fallen out of love with the partner or not satisfied with the treatment from the partner? Does women shaming when divorced not contribute to the trend of remaining in marriages that should have ended naturally only to find solace in infidelity? 

3. Even if the partners must remain together and resorts to infidelity to keep it going, why drag innocent children into the chaos. Can't it be without babies?

4. Do women cheat as a retaliation to the poor treatment from their husbands? Is there an underground revolution against systematic patriarchy and cultural polygamous entitlement by our men? 

5. Is this cheating and partenity fraud a humble pill to the men or to the women folks?

6. Does religious institutions still wade the force to instill discipline and sexual reservation on worshipers and in extention the society at large?

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