FIDA Nigeria acknowledges and sincerely appreciates in a special way all the lovely messages, tributes and accolades received following the news of the passing to eternal glory of Dr. Hauwa Evelyn Shekarau.  

Hauwa Shekarau was indeed many things to us all in the professional, development and human rights communities; she was a friend, mother, colleague, consultant, boss, mentor, associate etc.  However, in whatever manner she is remembered, she was certainly progressive, a pacesetter and exemplary leader who was a great inspiration to many; leading a very impactful life as she positively impacted humanity with everything she did. To us in FIDA in addition to all the above, Hauwa Shekarau was a big sister, a great amazon who was a keen human rights activist to the core. 

She served most passionately and diligently in FIDA as the two-time Current United Nations Representative FIDA International; having served FIDA Nigeria as Past Country Vice President/National President (May 2012 – December, 2015); Past Deputy Country Vice President/National Vice President, FIDA Nigeria (April 2006 – April, 2012) and two-time Past Chairperson, FIDA Nigeria Abuja Branch, FCT (Sept. 2002 – Aug. 2006); Hauwa will be greatly missed having left a big vacuum!


As FIDA Nigeria mourns the passing of this great ICON who was resolute in her cause of positively improving the lot of women and children, FIDA Nigeria in turn expresses her most sincere condolences to all who love and cherish Hauwa Shekarau and the ideas she represented. May we all be able to rise above this great loss and pain as we pray that God grants her eternal rest

HAUWA SHEKARAU, a rare gem, focused on her mission and purpose, we love you but God loves you more as heaven gains and we are left to cherish the fond memories built overtime tirelessly fighting the good cause to better humanity. 

FIDA Nigeria appreciates you all, thank you so much. 

Hauwa Lives on!!!


Rhoda Tyoden 

CVP, Fida Nigeria.

September 2021.

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