Happy birthday to my father and the immediate past NBA President, Mr Paul Usoro SAN - EWENODE O. WILLIAM, ESQ EULOGISES.


                        Paul Usoro, SAN

Sir, your birthday is worthy of celebration for so many reasons.

Some of these reasons includes the panacea you brought to bear in the NBA.

Others are your landmarks and  indelible achievements in your tenure as the Bar President which will keep speaking volumes in decades to come.

Your achievements in revamping the NBA database, entrenchment of accountability in the NBA finance as well as your frugal spending of the NBA finances including bequeathing a befitting and completed NBA House are a few of your Report Card that generations after you will testify of.

I join your other well wishers within and outside the NBA to wish you many more fruitful years ahead.

Once again congratulations my President.



(Immediate Past NBA National Asst. Secretary) 

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