This is to notify the principality of Boko Haram of his crime of a jurisdiction encroachment and therewith his judgement by the prince of the territory it so encroached...

According to the spirit laws of jurisdiction, you Boko Haram have for a while now encroached directly into Jos-Plateau state, a place under my direct spiritual coverage and surveillance.

You have killed and destroyed many, and finally, my attention was brought yesterday to a threat notice you have issued through your field soldiers, stating that you would kill some more people in the university and cause many families to cry.

Having examined your case before the throne of ZION, the following, after the ORDER of MENE, MENE, TEKEL UPHARSIN is your judgement;

In one way you came, but in seven ways you must flee from this day 6th September, 2021.

By this act of encroachment, you are therefore banished from the whole country Nigeria (though I had done this few months ago, but you needed to give occasion for this curse).

Everyone associated with you, from the sponsors, informats to your field soldiers currently in Jos, shall all die without the sword or weapons of men within the next three days and unconditional peace shall be restored to Jos.

I decree and declare this judgement as I am commanded by the Lord God of host, before whom I stand...

I reclaim Jos from your hands by the power of the HOLY GHOST, even the Spirit of the most High God, whose battle is by light.

The Voice From The Bush In His Vineyard,

Pst. Daniel OSAZEE A.

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