By: Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.

Be careful how you move with people or how people move you, you may be made by the law to account for their whereabouts. The law simply is that if someone was last seen with you and the person is found missing or dead, if you do not have a credible explanation of how he died with evidence or how you left him before he got missing, there is a rebuttable presumption that you are responsible for his or her death or his or her being missing. The journey you will embark upon to prison will cause you pain, trauma, and financial stress. It is however avoidable.

Try and leave one person in another's presence, as being alone with someone aside your spouse, family, or close friend has some implications. You may not know the baggage, whether health-wise or relating to people which the person is carrying, that will haunt him in minutes when he finally leaves you. Be seen to leave or vice versa, or you will have to prove your innocence in Court, for a matter you know nothing about.

I do not want to bore you with legalese. Be careful how you give people lifts at night. Abeg drop me for third junction, roundabout, AYA, Ojuelegba, Waterline, Constitution Avenue, New Heaven Waterline, etc. Don't! Just pay for his or her cab. Also, be careful how you drop people at night as you could be attacked by armed robbers or be kidnapped.

I did a case where a man went to drop a girl he was dating at night, the girl denied ever knowing him when he was killed by robbers. The girl simply moved on after spending a few days at police hospital. Life went on for her. Better for them to say you are wicked than that you die through a premature death caused by them. All they will say in the event of death is "He was a good man", after which they will drink your Guilder. Dead Men don't tell tales! Be wise!!!

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