In the last few days after the presidential elections, there have been many tribalistic sentiments expressed by mostly people from the southwest focusing on the governorship of Lagos State.

It is interesting to note that these sentiments are mostly expressed by non-Lagosians in the true sense of the word.

Lagos is unique, many different cultures and tribes have been in Lagos for generations, and even though according to the state of origin principle; they may not enjoy the status of being Lagosians, their forefathers have lived and identified Lagos as their home for decades. 

Aside from being the economic capital of Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa, Lagos was established as a distinct colony and enjoyed independence not being part of other regions until the creation of states.

My grouse now is that in these elections we now see the southwest states claiming that Lagos is for YORUBAS but when you go to Ogun, Oyo, Ekiti, Ondo State, and other states in the southwest, how many Lagosians are Magistrates, Judges, Commissioners or Permanent Secretaries in these other southwest states?

So because Lagos is in the southwest, is it automatically regarded as a Yoruba state? 

If this is so, why are many Lagosians not given the respect they deserve in their state or the southwest? 

Why are Lagosians not in control of Lagos State? Why do we have Judges, Magistrates, Assembly Members, Permanent Secretaries, Civil Servants that are from other Yoruba states other than Lagos State? 

Lagos is for Lagosians and not for the Ijebus or the Ijeshas or the Egbas or the Oyos or the Kwaras etc.

Let us face the facts here. If you are a Yoruba person not from Lagos, attend and focus on your state and leave Lagosians to manage their state.

Stop telling us who to allow into our government because we have accommodated you all even when you don't respect us or reciprocate our acceptance in your states.

We are Lagosians and Lagos belongs to us!

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