We have a new President-Elect,

So if you were a Nigerian, stand erect,

Nigeria's best he will select,

To make everything in this country correct.

Arise O' compatriots,

A new dawn now heralds,

Show your verve as patriots,

It is time for us all to prepare,

For a state built on prosperity,

To leave milestones for prosperity. 

We all had our say,

But the majority had their way,

A society is made of black and grail,

A complex milieu that can only be understood by greats.

We are heading for a new beginning,

Surprises abound in the kitty,

Impossibility exists only in the dictionary of fools,

We are about to encounter a leadership so good.

Make welcome President-Elect Asiwaju,

This is not boju boju,

Whether your name is Ahmed, Bolaji, or Obianuju,

Let us come and make our country a place of peace and progress full.

Douglas Ogbankwa Esq. 

[email protected] 

Douglas Ogbankwa Esq., a lawyer, policy analyst, and writer is the President of the Benin Writers' Society.

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