A FAILURE IS ONE WHO FAILED- the dangerous stereotype behind Failing-Favour Ukiri


A FAILURE IS ONE WHO FAILED- the dangerous stereotype behind Failing-Favour Ukiri

While I so much agree that failing is setback that no one including me should pray for, it is necessary to recognize the stereotypes behind what failure is and what it is not. I was one of the many who believed that they do not fail exams. I CANNOT fail whatever exam I take part in- I'd always affirm. That belief was great and it was working just fine. But years after I failed exams, I found out something that changed my entire thought process about failure. A belief I now consider GREATER.

I found out that the society projects and exaggerates the darkest side of failure beyond balance in the scale. While I still affirm that I cannot fail, I no longer shun the possibility that I can also fail. It is always an equal balance by default. But hopefully, we are saddled with the responsibility to raise one above the other in the scale. At all times, I call it your role.

You can fail at it when you do something. You can also succeed at it when you do something, right? But you neither fail nor succeed when you do nothing.

A failure is not one who failed at it because He did something. It is one who neither failed nor succeeded at it because He did nothing.

Stop seeing the act of failing as equivalent to being a failure because a failure is not one who tried and failed, it is one who feared failing as a result didn't try at all.

Whenever you shun the possibility completely that you can fail because you affirm you can NEVER fail, it is because you see failing as making one a failure when infact it doesn't mean so. Seeing failing as equal to being a failure has an adverse effect of making you fear trying. Because we can fail when we try and no one would want to be a failure when they try.

See it as a normal aspect of everyone's life because it is not peculiar to just you.

Reduce the level of how bad it can be to fail in your head and it will have a contrary effect of elevating your resilience to trying. And this time, trying and succeeding!

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