STRIKES WITHOUT GOALS 2 By S. O. K. Shillings Esq.

In the early days of the JUSUN strike, I pontificated that many strike actions here have no goals and the JUSUN strike looked like one that would follow the ASUU model.

I also wrote yesterday that 'Team Lagos' of NBA lost on technical ground because the Lagos Judiciary seemed to have shunned the Greek Trojan gift.

This JUSUN release sums up the failure of the entire misdirected 'aluta'.

Let me quote a few words from the release:

'From my position and privileges as JUSUN Chairman Lagos, we are indeed lucky. Even the national leadership has not made significant progress as Lagos...'

'Our axillary (sic) demands are been speedily looked into and results are manifesting'

'Our Union had best assurances directly from Mr. Governor and the Chief Judge of Lagos State on improving welfare allowances for staff which had eluded us since 2014... while showing commitment today with the delivery of 2 new buses to Judiciary while House of Assembly had only 1 bus given to them though both arms of Government were (sic) currently on strike'.

So, with the current situation that judiciary independence has not been achieved at all and both arms of government jointly looking at welfare of JUSUN members, they have even made better progress that the national body.

I can only conclude that:

1. JUSUN does not understand its own strike action and it has lived to my expectation of a strike without a goal.

2. Perhaps they understood the goal but have been wise enough to sell a sop by enticing the public, especially NBA, with the 'independence of judiciary' toga while indeed only selfish, which in the circumstances is not a sin.

3. The NBA has been made the scapegoat of a cause they were not privy to its planning but played necessary morality only to be educated on a simple science of politics.

Given the time this strike was started, litigation lawyers suffered because it was a time when activities were about to take better shape. Now, we are approaching long vacation and JUSUN will enjoy relaxation in addition to unhindered salaries and enhanced emoluments. Even the judges will not compromise it.

4. It was time the NBA deviced an approach to asserting its positions on national issues of such magnitude as failure of arms of government and government officials disobeying court orders, the constitution and the laws that empowered them. 

Even in this joint action, only a foundation is laid for a proper independent action noting that the Judiciary is guilty of complicity by keeping mum all along. They could not even issue a joint release. 

I do not understand this idea of drinking hot tea in your houses when others are fighting your cause. Is that how so Lordship the judges are?

5. Let us appeal to JUSUN to end this nightmare by calling off the strike. From the disclosed cause of action, there is a glaring failure for lack of diligent prosecution. 


S. O. K. Shillings Esq.


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