I shared a true story of a young man whose girlfriend was maltreating because he lost his job. Everybody begged him to run. But the boy went back. He told me that he cannot love another. Even with the signs that the lady does not love him, he still wants to marry her. The lady would marry him though because she feels indebted to him as he had been helping her family since she graduated.

When I graduated, I went back to Oleh. There was this young Isoko girl who loved me. I didn't ask her out. She on her way drew closer as she was always visiting me. I have even spoken to her parents on phone. She told them about me. But she was a Deeper Life girl, decent and well brought up. I knew she truly loved me but my eyes were on those girls who dressed to kill. What made it worst was that our relationship was to be a holy one. No touching touching. And my flesh needed someone I could be plucking. But each time she leaned on me, I felt true love and complete dependency on me. Sadly, I left her. That's exactly how we leave the women who love us over very stupid reasons.

To be continued. Stay tuned!

Part 2:

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